It is difficult to explain the value of the impact of family history when presented well and with sensitivity. The Family History books researched, written and published by Worthington Clark Family Histories will give the Smith family sons, daughters, nieces and nephews a real sense of their heritage and a better understanding of themselves, a wonderful gift for their lives.

The research conducted was thorough, the narrative was excellent and the presentation was superb, they exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Worthington Clark Family Histories, a delightful and wonderful team.

The Hon. Warwick Smith, 2015


I approached Worthington Clark Family Histories to help me delve into, and connect with, my Italian family heritage. As someone who grew up in an Italian community within Australia I have always felt a need to better understand my origins and family history as far back as I could go.  Worthington Clark were able to expertly uncover information about my Italian genealogy back to the 17th century. The information they were able to uncover including family photos, military records and marriage certificates was profound.

Worthington Clark Family Histories are the only company that appear to recognise the multicultural characteristics of Australia in the 21st century and have the global network to uncover the stories of Australian families that originate from all corners of the world. I now have information about my family and my heritage that is incredibly important to me and my family, and in particular my children. I now have a true sense of connection with my past that I would otherwise not have known.

Thank you Worthington Clark for your help and for providing such an important service to the community.

Elle Bombonato, Five Dock, July 2015


I find it hard to express how much the beautiful book on my family history, which was given to me for my 70th birthday, means to me. I had enjoyed the photographs for many years, but to have them and all the history of the family presented as they are in the book was overwhelming.

I had known bits and pieces about the early settlement of the family and many anecdotes and family stories however none of those prepared me for the impact of having my scant knowledge expanded into the magnificent volume that was given to me. Your presentation enabled me to follow my forebears footsteps through such different times – I thank you so very much and generations in our family will thank you also.

Mrs Margery Filmer, Newport, November 2014




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